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7 Security Drive

Hudson, New Hampshire  03051

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GMFS110-R-6-axis Welding Robot


AutoDesk Inventor 2017

Radan CAD/CAM 2017

Macintosh MultiPunch CAD System


Strippit ST1212 CNC Turret Press

Strippit MXP 1000 CNC Turret Press

Trump CNC Press

Euromac 30 ton NC Turret Press

Strippit FC-1000 II:  N.C. Punching,

   30 ton, 20 station        

Strippit XP-1000  (2): N.C. Punching,

    20 station            

Power Shear Cincinnati:  12ft. 1/4  steel

Press Brake Di-Acro (2) 6ft. Auto Gaging

Press Brake Di-Acro (2) 4ft. Auto Gaging

Press Brake Cincinnati:   10ft.  135 ton

Press Brake Cincinnati:   12ft.  175 ton

        Press Brake Di-Acro (3):  6ft.14GA                   

        w/DRC Gaging        

Niagara Press Brake:  8ft.  55 ton    

          w/DRC Gaging          

Amada Shear: 3/16 x 6 ft. Mechanical

Donewell Press Brake (3): 6 Ft.  35 ton

Strippit:  18 in.  30 ton

Lincoln:  300 ampere AC/DC Welder

Lincoln:  200 ampere MIG Welder

Lincoln:  225 ampere AC Welder

Lincoln:  200 ampere MIG Welder

Airco(4): 200 ampere MIG Welder

Spot Welders  (2):  30 KVA

Timesaver:      36 in. Deburring Station

Timesaver:      24 in. Deburring Station

Timesaver:      18 in. Deburring Station

Timesaver:        9 in. Deburring Station

Timesaver:        9 in. Deburring Station

Fork Truck:     2 ton  15 ft.

Drill Presses

Delivery Trucks



We house the latest in C.N.C. Equipment and Machinery in a 20,000 square foot modern steel building.

We are conveniently located at

7 Security DriveHudson, New Hampshire  03051